Data-Driven Claims Solutions

CIA is the industry leader in capturing meaningful claims data and providing our clients with the metrics that matter.

Security Taken Seriously

Knowing the real threat of cybercrime, Custard institutes many procedures and safeguards to keep data safe. We remain SOC 1 Type II compliant, MMSEA compliant, and Fraud and OFAC compliant. In addition, we maintain an encrypted website and regularly update our disaster recovery plan. Our dedicated IT personnel provide required quarterly security training for all employees.

Customizable Reports

CIA has the ability to create custom reports so you can monitor the metrics that you deem essential to your claims process. Whether claim cycle time, reserve tracking, or general claims spend, CIA can customize reports to provide multiple metrics, giving you a comprehensive picture of your claims activity.

Looking Ahead

Technology is evolving quickly in the claims arena and insurance industry firms are more reliant on it than ever. While we cannot predict the future, Custard is committed to the development of our technological capabilities to ensure that our data solutions remain industry-leading.

Other Client Support Services