Property Services Management

This centralized unit houses a team of highly technical property adjusters that monitor your loss to ensure timely and accurate handling.

We Monitor Your Claims For You

The PSM Unit provides a centralized service that includes technical expertise and administrative support to all of our property clients. Our staff is experienced in both the technical documentation and adjusting processes of all property losses. These experts will ensure a seamless claims handling experience process from initial loss intake, through the adjusting process, all the way to the timely return of an accurate estimate. Additional oversight is provided if follow up issues arise.

Fully Customizable Solutions

Each of our client partners has their own set of unique procedures. The PSM Unit works with each client to customize a solution to their specifications, to include templates, logos or other formats as requested. ​

The PSM Unit works with each client to customize a product tailored to their specifications.

Desk Adjusting Services

In an effort to provide our property clients with a variety of handling solutions, CIA’s PSM Unit provides desk adjusting solutions in addition to our traditional inspections. Many clients choose these expedited solutions, which utilize our centralized team of technical claims examiners paired with our nationwide adjuster network. Please contact us to learn if this option is a good fit for your claims operation.

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