Audit Services

Built on our years of expertise in the claims handling arena, Custard’s Audit Services provide our clients with fully customizable solutions for all auditing needs.

Dedicated Quality Assurance

Our Auditing Services are overseen by Custard’s dedicated Quality Assurance Department, ensuring all audits are completed timely while not losing focus on the quality and detail required.

Crystopher Simonca

VP, Quality Assurance Manager

Fully Customizable Data

We are flexible. Having a deep knowledge of the industry, we will work with you to determine exactly what information you and your team would like to capture. These metrics will then be used to create a custom audit form solely for your team, making sure that we capture all the critical data. No audit is the same, and our clients can be confident that CIA auditing services can meet their needs, no matter the type of audit project.

Quality Controlled

We understand the high-level of quality that is required in each step of the audit process. Because of this, we strategically placed our Audit Services under our dedicated Quality Assurance Departments. This allows direct quality oversight of all stages of the process, including our customized auditing reports, auditing processes, and any reports delivered to the client.

Audits on Your Terms

The post-pandemic world affords us many conveniences when it comes to our working environment. Our auditors have the capabilities to perform audits fully remote, partially remote, or strictly in-person. No matter which method of audit you choose, rest assured that quality will not be compromised. Our proprietary system allows us to work remotely on your audit while adhering to the strictest industry security standards.

Security Taken Seriously

Our team operates in a proprietary system that is unique to Custard. Access to your project will be strictly limited to ensure that your information remains confidential. All of our processes and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that all security safeguards are being properly implemented. Additionally, each auditor undergoes quarterly training on IT security. These two initiatives make sure that your data is secured well-above industry standards.

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