Special Investigation Unit

Custard Insurance Adjusters’ SIU Division provides a wide variety of standalone investigative services in addition to traditional surveillance activity. Our experienced team of investigators has access to first-in-class software platforms which allows us to provide our clients with the hard to locate information needed to make tough claims decisions.

PI License Number A 3200135

Detailed Investigations

Our team has a proven history of enhancing Workers’ Compensation, Auto Liability, and General Liability claims handling through detailed investigations. Whether you’re in need of a comprehensive background check, claims history report, full in-person surveillance, or any other activity in our SIU suite, Custard now has the ability to assist through a network of highly qualified licensed investigators.

Nationwide Coverage

The SIU Division provides nationwide coverage for any of its in-person or desk investigation services. Through this centralized division located in Winter Park, FL, our team of dedicated SIU professionals utilize a network of highly qualified and fully licensed investigators to conduct services across the country.

George Perez

AVP, Director of SIU Division

Tammi Menz

SIU Manager

Full Range of Investigation Services

We offer a full suite of SIU services, data investigations, full surveillance and in-depth background checks.


Data Investigation Services


Background Checks

The SIU Division has the capability to perform detailed background checks on all parties. Our state-of-the-art investigation systems use a variety of sources to locate sensitive information. These capabilities, paired with our highly certified investigators, allow you quick access to the facts you need to complete your analysis.

We offer 3 Levels of Background Checks:

Basic (Level 1)

Full (Level 2)

Comprehensive (Level 3)

Field Adjuster Support

In addition to our standalone investigation and surveillance services, the SIU Division complements Custard’s industry-leading field adjusters by uncovering hard-to-locate information during our claim investigation. This additional resource allows CIA to provide an unmatched level of critical information to our clients while keeping the assignment in-house. This “one-stop shop” approach to investigation activity ensures you get the most complete information from the start.

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