Team Members

At Custard we recognize that our most valuable asset is our workforce. Our team of nationwide employees includes professionals from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and cultures.

At Custard, our values are non-negotiable, especially the level of service we provide to our client partners. We pride ourselves on maintaining the culture of a family owned-business, which values the individual themselves and not simply the work they perform. This concept also extends to all of our client partners which promotes honesty, appreciation, kindness and respect in all employee and client partner interactions.

Experience Custard Care

Our unique level of care is an experience we tailor to each client’s specialized requirements. At Custard, we see ourselves as an extension of your team, here to create customized solutions to solve the complex needs of your business. We provide each client with 24/7 care, whether through our Hotline or deploying our team to an accident, we will be there to assist. Custard takes pride in maintaining the culture of a family-owned business and welcomes each new client as a member of our team.

Join Our Team

For additional information on joining our team, please send a letter of interest and resume to

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