IA Vendor Management

Custard’s Field Services Management (FSM) Unit was developed to provide you with complete, full-service administration and management of the field claim process from start to finish.

Building off of our claims expertise and TPA background, this service removes the burden of working with multiple IA companies. The result is more consistency in work-product, billing, metrics, and all-around service.

This Unit places emphasis on various aspects of claims service, including tailored compliance measures, interactive performance-driven approval lists, unified reporting, and fee/invoice solutions.

Breon Ford

VP, Director of Business Development

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Customizable Oversight

Desk Solutions

Along with providing management and administration of IA companies, our FSM team can also perform various desk adjusting tasks to complement any field investigation. This streamlines the claims process to ensure you are getting quality information as quickly as possible.

We can perform various tasks, including:

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