About CIA

CIA takes pride in being one of the largest independent loss adjusting companies in the United States. Celebrating more than 59 years of service, we are the largest privately held adjusting company and provide true multi-line service to the continental United States through 250 branch locations.

CIA continually strives to provide the highest quality claim service for our client partners. Throughout the course of our development, we have favored growth that emphasizes quality. We remain committed to this approach by continuing to place emphasis on excellence at all levels of our organization and to increase our role as a national leader in the claim service field.

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Our Mission

As one of the largest national insurance adjusting companies in the country, Custard Insurance Adjusters’ mission, as a leader in the industry, is to provide our clients with the highest quality claim service available. Our dedication to this Mission is shown by our commitments to:


Custard Insurance Adjusters was founded by A.R. “Rick” Custard in 1962. Opening his first office in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Rick quickly began the expansion of CIA with office openings throughout the country. When Rick opened this first office, he had a vision, formulated the strategy, and implemented the actions necessary for CIA to become the industry leader it is today. This self-made man knew the value of strong management and he acquired the best talent to help lead the company which contributed to the continued success of CIA.  

Today, Custard remains the largest privately-held loss adjusting company in the country. Mr. Custard’s passion for CIA lives on in the current management team and all company employees. While Rick is no longer with us, the next generation of the Custard family remains intimately involved with the business and strives every day to promote his legacy.


CIA's Second Office

Custard opens a second office in Kokomo, Indiana


Midwest Expansion

Expansion in the Midwest continues as Custard opens an office in Indianapolis, IN


First Regional Office

CIA opens its first Regional office in Des Moines, Iowa


First Corporate Headquarters

Custard purchases its first Corporate Headquarters building in Ft. Wayne, IN


Southeast Regional Office

CIA's Southeast Regional office opens in Atlanta, Georgia, housing the National 24-Hour Hotline.


Corporate Headquarters Relocated

CIA relocates its Corporate Headquarters from Fort Wayne, IN. to Atlanta, GA., becoming the largest privately held adjusting company in the nation.


A. R. "Rick" Custard Passes

Founder and Chairman Emeritus, A. R. "Rick" Custard passes way in Atlanta, Georgia leaving a legacy of success in the claims adjusting industry.


CIA Celebrates 50 Years!

Custard Insurance Adjusters, Inc. proudly celebrates 50 years of success in the insurance adjusting industry.


Chairman of the Board Appointed

Rick Linville is appointed to the position of Chairman of the Board of Custard Insurance Adjusters, Inc.


Custard Expands Corporate Headquarters

Custard expands its Corporate Headquarters with the purchase of the Annex to allow for growth of our Hotline services and Specialty Divisions, as well as to provide a new state-of-the-art training facility.


Chief Executive Officer Appointed

Charlie Peek is appointed as Chief Executive Officer of CIA.


New Phoenix Office Opens

New Phoenix, AZ office opens creating our Western Corporate location to add additional client support and assistance on the West Coast and surrounding states.